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Welcome Autumn!

Welcome to Autumn! We are 5 days in and already I am missing the warm summer days. During this time of year, Yin energy is building and Yang energy is waning (yin is all about cold, night time, dampness, darkness, storage and Yang is all about sun, warmth, day time, fire). You are even experiencing this right now with our days getting shorter, nights longer. The Earth is getting ready for winter in the northeast hemisphere!

Autumn in Chinese medicine is the time dryness and corresponds to the Lung organ and so by extension the sinuses, don’t be surprised if your allergies start acting up! But there are ways to combat Autumn woes. Try a bit a acupressure.

Here is an acupuncture point to strengthen the Lung energy:

LU5 Chi Ze- Apply deep and comfortable pressure to this location for 20-30 seconds a few times a day.

Foods to eat to combat dryness are fruits that are in season such as apples and pears for their moistening properties, try to get the peaches in while you can! We should also began to eat more warming foods to nourish our Yang energies, broths, soups, root vegetables and squash that are in season (pumpkins, gourds, sweet potatoes).

Have more stubborn allergies? Come and get acupuncture! For more information contact me at or 917-502-9168.

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