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BL67- Breeched Baby Presentation

AROUND 34 WEEKS OF YOUR 3RD TRIMESTER About 34-36 weeks, very close to your due date, you may receive some unfortunate news from your midwife or OB that your baby is upside down, instead of face down in the pelvic outlet and ready to come out. This can be palpated by your midwife or your physician/OB. Whatever it is, your baby is not the in proper position your baby should be in. A breeched baby position is when the baby’s head is not in the pelvic outlet, and maximum pressure will not achieved on your cervix which can unfortunately lead to prolonged labor. There are several positions your baby could be in that can effect labor efficacy. A posterior position can either be LOP or ROP, which can also prolong cervical dilation. In LOP, the occiput (back of ones head) is to the left within the pelvis and the baby’s spine is positioned towards the mothers spine or ROP, the occiput is positioned towards the mothers spine, which from experience is not comfortable at all for the mother, creating back pain and other kinds of issues for her. In either positions, the baby’s head can become deflexed, and this can only be evident DURING labor and that maximum pressure, mentioned earlier in this article, allowed as the first stage of labour is not possible. It can prove difficult often and a forceps may need to be used. Breeched presentation: there are three different types: 1. Full (or breeched): thighs and legs are flexed and the baby is sitting cross legged over the cervix 2. Frank (extended breeched): extended legs are extended up so they are face if the towards the face and the toes are facing towards the head 3. Footling breeched: both feet are sitting right above the cervix - cesarean is often advised due to complications Shoulder presentation: your baby is lying sideways in the uterus Face and brow presentation: instead of the occiput facing the pelvic outlet, the face and brow is instead. A pelvic exam before labor ensues. Usually a Caesarian will be necessary. Western medical interventions. If your baby is confirmed breeched by a specialist or an experienced physician, they can try to perform an EXTERNAL MANUAL VERSION. They will try to turn your baby though external manipulation and try to turn your baby, gently. ** from my experience, few can offer a success story when attempting to turn your baby, which can lead to labor/delivery the same day Chinese medicine explanation and BL67: its about your Kidneys! Not your Western filtering kidneys but your Chinese Kidneys ( the root of life). The basis of yin and Yang. We believe in the Kidney energies that may be deficient in relation to the uterus. I know it sounds strange and maybe even a little crazy but from my experience, it is definitely the most sense I am able to conjure up in writing this article. It’s all about BL67. It’s the last acupuncture points on the Bladder channel that is located on the lateral aspect of he pinky toe. The acupoint is named ZHI YIN. It means REACHING YIN or the MOST YIN. The most yin, which makes perfect since as the pregnancy is ending and labor and delivery will take place.

Below, I have included some photos of the various positions your baby could be in:

If you would like to learn more about acupuncture and breeched baby presentation or if you are breeched, make an appointment and please come in!


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